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What is Creative Empowerment Facilitation?

It's a process of using your creativity -- whether creative thinking, or art-making, or both -- to step out of old patterns so as to find clarity and create the change you want in your life and in yourself.  It is owning the power to make choices.  For my part, I engage deep listening, reflective feedback, insightful questioning and may introduce creative exercises.  CEF is applying skillful means to issues as wide and varied as there are issues to work on and resolve! 

And as in therapy and women’s circles, all information is held in confidence.

Why might I want to do this?
Perhaps there are pragmatic issues you want to address, such as being stuck in a project which seems mired, or an aspect of life which needs be approached more creatively to help it move, get into a flow.  Maybe you want to cultivate trust in yourself.  Perhaps you’re considering a move, or embarking on a new career and could use some support, motivation and planning to transform it from a dream into a reality.

Contact me for a free half hour consultation, at which time we will determine if this is a good fit for your needs.  From there, we can schedule accordingly, and whether to work in person or on the phone.

This is what clients have said:

Helena brings a rare gift to the healing arts; a synthesis of intelligence, compassion and intuition which holds the potential for supporting the ability to truly transform lives. Her uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the matter has supported my own journey and I thank Helena for her creative, flexible approach which has brought me greater peace and conviction.
    -- Pam Gallik

Heléna Melone brings her brilliant mind, keen observations and strong intuitive skills to her life coaching. Her unique background as a dancer, artist and English teacher contributes to her capacity for emotional depth and ability to analyze and organize multiple situations.  I have had a lot of different unresolved issues to deal with lately. Helena approached everything with compassion and impartiality, yet she cut through to the essence of every issue, coming up with a clear, step by step plan of action for each that wasn't stressful or overwhelming. She also helped open my eyes to some unconscious, self-sabotaging behaviors, suggesting tools of empowerment to enhance my process and my relationships with others. After one session I felt a lot of the anxiety in my life diminish; hope filled me. Because of her own life experiences and what she has learned from them, I believe Heléna's life coaching skills are exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on their path in life.
    — Joan Selmer-Larsen

“Inspiring” is the word I would use to describe the sessions with Heléna. While making some major life decisions, she has helped me find clarity. Heléna is insightful, encouraging and able to communicate clearly.  I am now setting goals and integrating exercise, meditation and artwork into a daily practice - after defining these as important aspects of strengthening myself.
    -- Bethany

Helena is a careful listener.  She helps me focus on the baseline of what I’m fumbling with and bring it to the surface for careful examination and without judgement.  I have been more able to sort out my dreams versus my reality and then get a good game plan together to effectively integrate them.  It’s always uplifting to spend an hour on the phone with her and I feel energized and ready to take more steps to improve my life.  It’s amazing to spend an hour with someone who truly “hears” you.
    - Dani

Inscendance™: Creating a Daily Practice for Your Authentic Self

Do you want to do yoga every day, or mean to start meditating again... or do some kind of daily practice, but it just... keeps... not happening?
Does it seem that you just can’t find the time, or the inspiration, or the level of commitment?
Do you need to do certain stretches, but just can’t get yourself to do them regularly?

When a daily practice is uniquely ours, and engages our minds and bodies, we are more invested -- and therefore more likely to do it.  And the more channels we use to work on our growth, the more we are tuning all of our frequencies to this path, and so the more effective the practice.

InscenDance™ is a process designed to help you create your own unique daily practice.  By engaging the mind and body, it focuses, supports, and sustains your becoming your best self.  Using intention-setting writing exercises, individual movement patterns to reflect your key values,  as well as exploring other inspiring components, you create a practice unique to you and which fits your path.
Embody your authentic self.

Held either independently by Heléna or by invitation for a private group.  Contact Heléna for details at

In the session, Heléna embraced my life path, helping me find positive themes to use in building a daily practice.  With her guidance, I developed a meaningful, body-centered sequence of movement that I find grounding and energizing.  The creative art part of the session gave me time to work on beautiful, tangible reminders of my new personal expression, intention in motion.
    -- Maret Knight